#284 Title:

Sensitive Parenting Issues

Special Guest: Betsy Brown Braun, best-selling author, child development and behavior specialist, parent educator, multiple birth parenting consultant and the founder of Parenting Pathways.

Description: We need the "straight up and honest" because we're going to chat about some sensitive family conversations with Betsy Brown Braun - same sex marriages, boys and nail polish, and "Look at that man's BIG nose!" kinda comments.

Duration: 55:56

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Show Index:

00:12 Commercial: Lunchbox Love
01:23 Intro: Sensitive Issues
02:16 Don't Think of an Elephant
09:28 Boys Don't Cry
13:57 My Princess Boy
25:08 Commercial: Stitcher Radio
25:48 About Parenting Pathways
27:18 Talking About S-E-X
42:32 Talking About DEATH
52:37 Closing Comments

Show Notes:

My Princess Boy (book)
You're Not the Boss of Me
Just Tell Me What To Say

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Special Guest:

Music Spotlight
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Tighten Up

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