#103 Title:

The Big O: Under 60

Special Guest: Monica Ricci
Organizing Expert, Motivational Speaker, Author and Founder of Catalyst Organizing Solutions, LLC.

Your time is short and your to-do list is long, so give us an hour and we’ll give you an organized life! Not really, but use our Under 60 ideas and you will be much closer. Join us for this episode of The Big O: Under 60 where we share lots of projects that can be done in 1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

Duration: 58:44

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Show Index
00:22 Intro: Under 60 Minutes
01:51 One Minute!
07:55 Five Minutes!
17:37 What's the Point?
21:38 Fifteen Minutes!
36:16 Monica's Book
37:17 Listener: Use Extra Time Wisely
40:11 Thirty Minutes!
47:47 Sixty Minutes!
55:31 Closing Comments
57:50 Closing Track: The Way I Am

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Special Guest:

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About Monica Ricci

Monica Ricci is a speaker and the author of Organize Your Office In No Time, a busy person's reference for taking control and being more effective, productive and successful at work. Monica is Past President of the Georgia Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers, and was named one of the nation's "Organizing Elite" by Forbes Magazine. She has been an expert guest on both radio and television, including the nationally syndicated Clark Howard Radio Show. Monica is also a regular expert organizer on the popular Home and Garden Television show, MISSION: Organization.

Monica's articles have appeared in such diverse publications as Airtran Airways, Arrivals Magazine, Men's Edge Magazine and Advisor Today Magazine. Some of Monica's clients include Earthlink, Longhorn, Paramount Pictures, The US Court of Appeals, GE Capital, Special Olympics Georgia, and Kennesaw State University. She also teaches national teleclasses and as a speaker, she presents seminars, workshops and motivational keynotes on time management, procrastination, getting organized and living a powerful, simpler life.

Recently Monica teamed up with Beazer Homes to design homes where storage spaces make sense, living spaces feel great, and life can be simple.

Click here for Monica's Website
Check out Monica's Award-Winning Blog
Buy Organize Your Office in No Time


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Recipes You Can Prep in Under 15 Minutes

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Helpful Organizing Sites

Vicky & Jen's "Under 60" Ideas
(Get at least 50 more by listening to the show!)


1 Minute
• Wipe out the silverware drawer
• Put dvds and videos back into the cases
• Clean your microwave
• Weed out old magazines, newspapers and catalogs

5 Minutes
• Clean windows with pet and toddler smudges
• Do a quick pick-up in one room
• Clean and disinfect your trash can
• Grab a Clorox wipe and wipe down the countertops
or sink in bath or kitchen

15 Minutes
• Organize your iTunes library
• Make a grocery list
• Take plants outside and hose (dust) off

• Plan your menu for the week

30 Minutes
• Make a quick dish for tomorrow’s lunch
• Polish silver
• Organize a closet

60 Minutes
• Wash a load of laundry
• Prepare dinner in advance
• Enjoy uninterrupted time working on a hobby