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Easy Pediatrics:

Parent's Guide to Pediatric Visits

Special Guest: Dr. Gwenn Schurgin O’Keeffe, mother, pediatrician and the founder of Pediatrics Now.

Description: In this episode of Easy Pediatrics, Dr. Gwenn O’Keeffe shows us how we can make the most of our pediatrician visits with tips for being prepared, communicating with our doctor and having a positive experience. Find out what pediatricians wished parents would do differently, how to deal with doctor jargon, when to use the internet for medical concerns and more. These are true confessions from a pediatrician that you don’t want to miss!

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Show Index:
00:25 Intro: Parent's Guide to Pediatric Visits
01:21 Listener: Doctors are Rushed
06:05 "Visits" Out of the Exam Room
13:56 The Internet Hunt
20:00 Listener: Doctor Jargon
23:38 Be Honest & Let Kids Talk
31:22 Communicating with Your Doc
35:07 Siblings at Visits
39:39 Listener: Germ Fest!
41:54 Pediatrician Pet Peeves
45:38 Well Visits: What to Expect
52:53 Listener: Second Opinions
57:46 Closing Comments
59:29 Closing Track: So Damn Easy

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About Dr. Gwenn O'Keeffe

Gwenn Schurgin O’Keeffe, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician and Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. An experienced columnist, educator, and practicing pediatrician, Dr. Gwenn graduated from Tufts University School of Medicine and completed her pediatrics Internship and Residency at New England Medical Center/Floating Hospital for Infants and Children in Boston, MA. Dr. O'Keeffe has practiced in Massachusetts, Illinois and Wisconsin and has been very active in medical education throughout her career.

Since returning to Massachusetts with her family in 2000, Dr. Gwenn has focused her passion for pediatric education on the families she cares for in her practice. Dr. Gwenn's career as a columnist and journalist began with her quest to find more ways to get useful information to as many parents as possible. Since that time, Dr. Gwenn’s columns have appeared in multiple community newspapers and is currently syndicated in Massachusetts with GateHouse Media, Inc, formerly the Community Newspaper Company.

Dr. Gwenn is a sought after pediatric expert and quoted often in parenting magazines. She is currently medical advisor to Parents and Kids and seen regularly on New England Cable News' Good Morning Live show. Dr. Gwenn is also a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Communication and Media.


About Pediatrics Now

PediatricsNow was founded in 2005 by Gwenn Schurgin O’Keeffe, M.D., F.A.A.P. As a mother and pediatrician, Dr. Gwenn saw a void in consumer health information for today’s busy families and began her quest to get practical health information out to as many local parents as possible. Using her columns as the backbone, PediatricsNow provides families with the health information they want. Much of the editorial content is reader drive by questions and emails to Dr. Gwenn. Other popular features include an extensive library of resources including summaries of current health studies, the popular Dr. Gwenn Is In Blog, and reviews of resources and web sites.

Dr. Gwenn initially hoped to reach out to families in New England but today Pediatrics Now is read by an international audience and families all over the United States. So, instead of a virtual New England village, PediatricsNow has become a true online melting pot. If only there was a way to have coffee with all those people and really talk. Perhaps someday!

Did you know Dr. Gwenn is also our guest blogger?

Quick Tip

Since demand for the doctor's time is high, being punctual is critical. A sure way to irritate the doctor and staff is to be chronically late for appointments. Of course, a sure way to irritate you is for the doctor to be chronically behind schedule!

Ask the staff when the slowest times are for the office and try to schedule your appointment then. The doctor and staff are least likely to be hurried and you will all enjoy the visit more. Mondays, Fridays, early mornings and late afternoons are usually the busiest times.

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Sick Questions: A Check List

If your child is sick, here are some things you should know before you leave the office.

• Your child's diagnosis.

• When your child should start to get better and what the plan would be if she doesn't? Would you just call, come back for a recheck, or get a medicine called in?

• Signs or symptoms that might indicate that your child is getting worse.

• When you should return for a follow-up appointment? This is especially important for more chronic conditions, like asthma and allergies.

• How long you should take any prescribed medications and what major side effects of taking them might be?

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Health Tips

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Quick Tip

Don't expect your doctor to be a "miracle worker." Many parents today expect their pediatrician to prescribe antibiotics or other drugs when they're not necessary, and when a "wait-and-see" approach may be more beneficial to their child's health.

The bottom line is to trust your doctor's judgment on medical issues. But if you're clearly uncomfortable with a specific diagnosis or treatment, seek a second opinion.

Dr. Gwenn Recommends the American Academy of Pediatrics
or WebMD for additional resources.