#347 Title:

Beyond the Birds and the Bees

Special Guest: Betsy Brown Braun, best-selling author, child development and behavior specialist, parent educator, multiple birth parenting consultant and the founder of Parenting Pathways. 

Description:  So you've explained the birds and the bees and it wasn't that bad, right? Well, that was just the beginning. As kids' bodies grow, so do their feelings and there is more to discuss: porn, oral sex, STDs, pregnancy, gay sex, body fluids and, WHOA!, we've just scratched the surface! We get very personal (and prepared) with Betsy on quite possibly the most important parenting show yet!


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Show Index:

00:27 Commercial: Witches Protection Program
01:20 Intro:Beyond Birds & Bees
04:20 Setting the Stage 
06:54 What is Sex? 
17:39 How Far Do We Go?
23:16 Commercial: Witches Protection Program
23:59 Real Questions Kids Ask 
26:20 Does it Hurt? 
28:28 Orgasms, Blow Jobs & More 
34:13 Serious about STDs
36:14 Misconceptions & Rumors
41:20 Gay Sex
45:07 Am I Ready for Sex?
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Tighten Up

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