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Wonderfully Strong-Willed Children

Special Guest: Betsy Brown Braun, best-selling author, child development and behavior specialist, parent educator, multiple birth parenting consultant and the founder of Parenting Pathways. 

Description: Have a strong-willed child?  Well, lucky you! At challenging times, remember this: strong-willed children turn into self-motivated, independent young adults.  Betsy Brown Braun defines such a spirited child and gives us parent strategies that won’t "break their spirit," so they can become the strong leaders they are capable of being. 


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Show Index:

00:13 Commercial: Lunchbox Love
01:25 Intro: Strong-Willed Children
03:33 Who's to Blame?
07:09 Degrees of Difficulty
12:46 The Roting Pill
21:25 Effect on the Whole Family
28:22 Intermission
29:01 About Parenting Pathways
30:59 Strong-Willed Strategies
42:50 3 Mountains for Growth
54:11 Be Rested
:25 Closing Comments

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rss Music: The Black Keys
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Tighten Up

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