#282 Title:

Creating Your Slow Holiday

Special Guest: Bernadette Noll, Author, Teacher, Speaker, and Co-Founder of Slow Family Living

Description: The holidays may sneak up on us FAST, but it is possible to SLOW them down. Bernadette Noll, co-founder of Slow Family Living, helps us manage our obligations, find a "yes" in the "no", focus on connection versus conflict and implement the "Grandma Filter" into all of our holiday plans.


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Show Index:
00:12 Commercial: Lunchbox Love
01:26 Intro: Slow Holidays
03:11 Holiday Pressures
06:30 The Perfect Holiday
10:54 Letting Go: Obligations
14:20 Stressful Gift Giving
19:31 Find a Yes in the No
23:04 Commercial: Stitcher Radio
23:47 About Slow Family Living
25:24 Filling the Cup First
30:16 The Grandma Filter
34:57 Choose Connection
36:45 Favorite Holiday Ritual
39:47 Closing Comments

Special Guest:

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Bob Schneider
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Come with Me Tonight

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