#230 Title:

Oh Crap! I Haven't Saved for Retirement

Special Guest: Liz Weston, personal finance columnist and author

Description: Liz Weston, the most read personal finance columnist on the internet, joins us for an easy-to-understand talk about retirement. Even when you're muttering "Oh, Crap!", Liz offers up saving options that are easily achievable. (Even 25 bucks is enough to get you started!) In addition to retirement saving strategies, we throw in tips for cutting back on weekly expenses, how to avoid living beyond your means and how to save when you're in debt - all in an effort to help you plan for a happy future!


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Show Index:
00:07 Sponsor: What Really Matters
00:43 Intro: Oh Crap!
01:31 When Should I Save? And How.
05:10 How Much Should I Save?
06:04 Oops, I HAVE NOT Saved.
10:43 Importance of Saving
13:05 What Age Can I Retire?
15:10 What is Plan B?
19:31 About Liz Weston
20:43 But I'm in Debt ...
23:07 Cutting Expenses NOW
28:07 Credit Card Debt First?
31:26 Other Saving Strategies
35:20 Closing Comments

Special Guest:

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About Liz Weston

Liz Weston is the most-read personal finance columnist on the Internet, according to Nielsen//NetRatings. She's an award-winning, nationally-syndicated personal finance columnist who can make the most complex money topics understandable to the average reader. Read more

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About her New Book

The financial crash and subsequent recession have exploded many people's ideas of how money was supposed to work: micro and macro financial behaviors that precipitated the stock and real estate bubbles have now been shown to be ill-conceived, dangerous, and unsustainable. Financial columnist Weston provides a workable happy medium between fear and fecklessness, guiding readers to create a budget that works in the real world, create a survival plan with cash and credit, pay off debt the smart way, embrace risk sensibly, plan for retirement, and maintain communication about spending in a marriage and a family. Loaded with tips and ideas and illustrated with plenty of examples, this book hits all the major themes for total financial literacy in a conversational, digestible tone, backed up with clear "action steps" at the end of each chapter. A godsend for the financially befuddled, bewildered, or just plain anxious.

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