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All About Adoption

Special Guest: Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P. is an adoption professional, an adoptive mother, an award-winning author and the founder of Lifetime Adoption.

Description: There are amazing and loving stories happening every day - families are being brought together by adoption.  For those seeking to adopt, there is a lot to know. Mardie Caldwell, America's Adoption Expert, shares her adoption experience and knowledge from helping families through the process and adopting herself.

Duration: 44:00

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Show Index:
00:24 Intro: All About Adoption
01:13 #1 Thing to Expect
06:23 Mardie's Story
09:22 Types of Adoptions
20:38 Who Can Adopt?
25:31 About Lifetime Adoption
26:21 Time, Cost, and heartache
38:49 What About Birth Dads?
42:00 Closing Comments

Special Guest:

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About America's Adoption Expert

Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P. is an adoption professional and an adoptive mother.  She is also the award-winning author of 5 books about adoption, including Adopting: Your Step-by-Step Guide for people considering adopting a child and So I Was Thinking About Adoption for pregnant women considering adoption for their babies.  She is passionate about helping women and sharing her experience to help build families through the miracle of adoption.
Mardie is also the founder of Lifetime Adoption, a nationwide adoption center that grew from her own adoption journey more than 25 years ago.  Now one of the largest adoption centers in the country, assisting with one adoption every three days, her life's work is evident in the beautiful families she has had a hand in growing.

About her Newest Book

Have you been praying about growing your family through adoption? This easy-to-read, straightforward guide offers tips, and up- to-date, relevant information every parent considering adoption should know. Readers will identify with the author's personal and professional experiences, making this a vital handbook as parents take steps to adopt. This book will help you with God's plan for your family. Get it on Amazon.

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