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Two Homes after Divorce

Special Guest: Christina McGhee of DivorceandChildren.com, internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer, author, divorce coach, parent educator and most importantly – mom and bonus mom.

Description: Divorce often leaves children living out of two homes. International divorce coach, Christina McGhee, helps families survive and thrive when life changes with her practical and positive advice. She helps us raise happy and secure kids in both homes by ditching the suitcase, sharing notes, choosing more appropriate words and more.

Duration: 41:06

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Show Index:
00:31 Lucky You Give-a-Way
01:51 Intro: Divorce and Children
03:10 Choose Positive Words
06:11 Two Home Concept
07:09 Helping Kids Adjust
14:16 Create Space in Both Homes
17:43 Providing Predictability
26:20 About DivorceandChildren.com
27:02 Sharing Notes with Spouse
35:00 When Parents Disagree
37:15 Closing Comments
39:10 Closing Track: Make it Last

Special Guest:

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Make it Last

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About Christina McGhee

Dubbed “the divorce coach,” Christina McGhee's work has been highlighted by local, national and international publications and has gained attention for her participation in the British Channel 4 series “How to Divorce Without Screwing up Your Kids.”

In 2008, she led an initiative for children of divorce when invited to speak to Scotland's First Minister and members of Scottish Parliament. Over the past two years, Christina has worked closely with the family lawyer organization, Resolution, to develop the Parenting After Parting program and orchestrate the launch of six pilot regions offering informational workshops for separated parents across England and Wales.

Described as an inspirational and engaging speaker, Christina continues to develop programs and trainings for lawyers, mediators and counselors both nationally and internationally. As a coach, Christina works directly with parents to help them focus on being the best parent they can be. In addition to maintaining a private practice, she hosts an online resource for parents, www.divorceandchildren.com and has co-produced the award-winning children's DVD and workbook program, "Lemons 2 Lemonade: How to handle life when things go sour between Mom and Dad."

Christina, who has been married for over fifteen years, also grew up in a divorced family and later became a stepparent. Together she and her husband, Scott, have four wonderful children. Christina feels her personal experiences have significantly contributed to her belief that families can redefine themselves in meaningful ways following divorce. Read more.

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About the Book

This comprehensive and empowering guide is filled with practical, effective ways to not only minimize the effects of divorce on your kids, but strengthen the bond between you. An acclaimed expert on divorce and its impact on children, Christina McGhee shows how to give your children the support and guidance they need and offers immediate solutions to the most critical parenting problems divorce brings-with tips on every aspect of divorce and separation, whether gently explaining things to your children or maintaining a sense of stability while taking care of yourself.

In this go-to resource, Christina McGhee addresses the issues of utmost importance to parents:

• How and when to tell the children about the divorce

• Guiding children through transition

• Helping children cope with having two homes

• Dealing with finances

• Managing a difficult relationship with an ex

• And more

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