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Special Guest: Debba Haupert, founder of Girlfriendology

Description: They bring us joy, love and laughter.  And our guest today says they can keep us healthier, less stressed and even help us feel more beautiful. What are we talking about?  Girlfriends.  Debba Haupert of Girlfriendology is with us today to inspire us to appreciate the great gift of friends.

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Show Index:
00:28 Intro: We're Talking Girlfriends!
01:32 What is Girlfriendology?
04:07 Friends are Like Shoes
07:30 Are Your Eggs in One Basket?
10:03 Cheap Fun for Girls!
13:10 Listener: Cooking & Excercise
17:00 The Data Dump!
18:57 Girlfriend Game Nights
20:58 About Girlfriendology
21:54 National Friendship Day
25:34 Listener: Just Being There
30:20 Cliques Suck
37:26 Finding Beauty
39:51 Friends Reduce Stress
43:26 More Resources from Debba
45:37 Closing Comments
47:08 Closing Track: Come Around

Special Guest:

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rss Music: Rosi Golan
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About Debba Haupert

In 2006, Debba Haupert started Girlfriendology in response to being so blessed with great girlfriends. Through research and reading, she learned that this need for girlfriends was biological. Women have a true need to have community with each other. In fact, in the book The Tending Instinct by Shelley Taylor, it is shown how we ‘tend and befriend’ as a natural part of our DNA. (As women we have the NEED to tend to our young and be around our girlfriends.) In fact, female friendship reduces our stress and makes us healthier, happier and even live longer.

With her background in corporate marketing, Debba build an online community for women based on inspiration, appreciation and celebration of female friendship. Her experience in technology and online marketing paired well with her passion to learn about and apply the principles of social media marketing. Through her website, blog, podcasts and videos she shares inspiring stories and encourages women to place a priority on female friendship. She also offers shopping, contests and reviews on the site to offer a well-rounded online community and destination for positive female friendship and sharing with no ranting, male bashing, negative ads, etc.

Debba believes that friendships fostered through Girlfriendology and among girlfriends make us more compassionate, aware, caring and peace-minded. She also believes that, together we can change the world – one friendship at a time. Visit Girlfriendology.com for more information.


The third Sunday in September is National Girlfriend’s Day, a day for women to reconnect with our female friends, rejuvenate our spirits, and remember why we enjoy each other’s company so much.

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Resources for Girlfriends

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Bunco! As Discussed in the Show
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Party Game Ideas
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10 Ways to be a Good Girlfriend to those battling Breast Cancer
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Goodies from Girlfriendology

Ideas for Creating Girlfriend Memories

Un-Holiday: Who need's a reason to get together? Just pick any old reason to celebrate. How about a half-birthday, the last day of winter, a raise at work or a new resaturant opening?

Cook with Friends: Cook, eat, drink and leave with prepared dinners for the remainder of the week! Click here to listen.

Just Remember: Remember birthdays and anniversaries with a card, email or phone call.

Errand Girls: Get it done together! Grocery shop or run your errands together. Stop for a coffee while you're out.

Take a Class: Learn something new together - beading, pottery, photography, cooking.

Host a Party: Game night, follow a favorite series on tv, share new appetizers, have spontaneous grill out or pool party or scrapbook together.

Together we can make the world better – one friendship at a time.