#64 Title:

If Mama Ain't Happy . . .

Special Guest: Kelly Nault-Matzen, MA, family counselor, mother and wife, corporate parenting spokesperson and award-winning author

Description: Do you believe a 'good' mother should sacrifice for her children?  Kelly Nault, says this is the worst thing you can do.  She is founder of UltimateParent.com and is here today to discuss TAKING CARE OF YOU FIRST! If you are a parent, know a parent or have ever had a parent you'll want to listen in for suggestions that may surprise you!


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00:38 Why is Self-Care Important?
04:16 Motherhood Myths
07:55 Three Things Come Before Kids
15:36 How to Be the Ultimate Mom
27:11 Self-Care with Limited Resources
32:07 Mommy Guilt
35:59 Examples of Self-Love
39:22 About Kelly's Book
43:32 The Ultimate Tip
47:06 Closing Comments
47:53 Closing Track: Something to Hope For

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The next time someone asks "Can I
help you?" just say "Yes!" and then figure out how.

Special Guest:

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About Our Guest

As founder of UltimateParenting.Com, Kelly Nault-Matzen provides effective and fun parenting education. Kelly is a popular and entertaining guest on radio stations across the Nation and has become a regular parenting expert for stations such as Rochester 98PXY. She is regularly quoted by the media and is a parenting expert for clubmom.com. Across North America, she regularly facilitates workshops for parents and corporate audiences.

After receiving her Master’s in Counseling Psychology, Kelly completed a pre-doctoral counseling internship and became a Family Clinical Counselor. Kelly’s contagious zest-for-life, and effective communication strategies have helped thousands of families and they keep coming back for more. Why? Because with over a dozen years experience in the “parenting trenches,” Kelly empowers parents with simple tools that take the guess work out of parenting and brings out the best in both parents and their children.

Kelly specializes in teaching moms how to get more “mom time” so they have more to give to their families. “Self-care should not be a luxury. It needs to become a necessity for being a good mom and a healthy and balanced woman,” states Kelly. Instead, she recommends, “Parents put some of their own self care first, so they have a ‘self’ left to give their children. It is essential that we model for our children what it means to be a happy and healthy adult - not a stressed out frazzled one!”

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When You're About To Go Off The Deep End, Don't Take Your Kids With You:
A Step-By-Step Guide to Permanently Eliminate Chaos and Frustration in
the Home, and Unleash The Ultimate Mom Within You

It includes over 200 time-tested, child-proofed parenting tips that consistently work to get you what you want and give your children what they most need.

This book is positively changing the lives of mothers who:

• Are tired of dealing with the same misbehaviors over and over again,
• Second guess their approach to disciplining their children and feel guilty,
• Are burnt out, overwhelmed and don't have enough hours in the day,
• Deal with award winning temper tantrums,
• Have been known to give a few award winning tantrums on their own,
• Deeply love their children but have those days when . . .

This easy-to-read book covers over 200 parenting strategies that solves:

Sibling rivalry
Temper tantrums
Homework challenges
Bedtime struggles
Forgetting to do chores
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Parenting burn out
And a whole lot more!


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Five Myths of Being a Good Mom

MYTH #1 Moms who put their kids needs before their own, make the best mothers. REALITY: Moms who put their kids needs before their own, end up denying their own children.

MYTH #2 Kids appreciate and respect moms who put their own needs last. REALITY: Kids disrespect and often become spoiled brats when raised by a mom who puts her needs last!

In good marriages, kids come first. REALITY: In good marriages, the marriage comes first.

MYTH #4 Moms who put themselves first, neglect their children. REALITY: Moms who put themselves first, have more to give their children.

MYTH #5 Moms can have it all! REALITY: The only moms who have it all, have help.

Our Favorite Ultimate Mom Tips

Choose a jar, box or special wallet that you will call your “Ultimate Mom
Luxury Account.” The money that will be placed here is for the sole purpose of buying
little luxuries for yourself. Where will this money come from? Anytime you consciously save money (skip the coffee, find a meter that is paid or quit smoking), “deposit” this saved amount into your luxury account. Once a month, spend whatever is in your
account on a gift for you that will bring you joy. Only use the cash you have put aside,
as these purchases are to be entirely guilt-free!

Make a “Self Care Treasure Chest” in which you list 50 things that make you happy! Share them with your spouse and kids so everyone knows “when mama ain’t happy”, she needs to get into her treasure chest and choose something to do for herself that is energizing, meaningful and even stress-reducing. Read our blog for our top ten treasure chest items!

"Quality time away from your kids is as important as the
quality time you have together."
– Kelly Nault