It’s the little things that matter . . . A cherished recipe passed on from your grandmother, watching your child experiment with finger paint for the first time, a special dessert your family begs you to make over and over, or making time to squish play dough with your toddler.



See What’s Cookin’ here weekly and find copies of our favorite foods - tried and true recipes that our families enjoy. There’s a reason we selected each recipe and we’ll tell you why with each one we share. We’ve made sure that these recipes are SIMPLE so you have time left over for What Really Matters. (Note: We realize that “simple” is user definable.) You can even contact us if you have a question regarding one of our recipes. We hope you’ll email us some of your favorites because as far as we’re concerned, there can’t be too many cooks in the kitchen!



Moms, Dads, Teachers, and Grandparents . . . Check back here weekly for ideas on SIMPLE learning activities that kids can do! Children often get the most joy from little things such as sifting through a bowl of dry macaroni or playing with empty cereal boxes. Our ideas are educational, practical and easy.
They are made with common household materials that you may already have on hand and don’t require much preparation or expense. See for yourself their delight when you present your children with a new and exciting activity and relish in the moment as you bond with your family. Trust us, they won’t even know
they’re learning . . . .