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Our Vision
To help individuals and families live happier, healthier, and more fulfulling lives.

Our Mission
To provide a positive, entertaining, and informative show, give listeners confidence to make choices that are right for their families, and provide resources that are practical, valuable and relevant.

The voice of VickyandJen.com brand is candid,
honest, and down-to-earth. 
Our brand values are:


Keeping things simple allows us to focus on what really matters.  For our brand, this means information that is easy to look at, read, listen to and use. This means podcasts with today’s leading experts, practical and guilt-free advice and topics that are timeless and relevant to the needs of busy families.


Taking yourself too seriously makes it hard to recognize life’s “what really matters” moments. Our brand is fun and candid, but respectful.  Listeners trust VickyandJen.com because of the brand’s openness and honesty.


Relationships really matter. Our brand is open and engaging. VickyandJen.com invites its audience to form a friendship and have a conversation with the brand.


Connection really matters. When we connect with one another, we lead more fulfulling lives. VickyandJen.com helps listeners to connect not just with other fans of the show, but with the people they love the most – their families.

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