Keeping things simple allows us to focus on what really matters! Join us as we chat with today’s leading experts about all things life: parenting, health, nutrition, self-care, money management, organization, relationships and more. We promise no lecturing or judging – just real talk about simplifying, celebrating life and getting the most from all the things that really matter!

About Vicky and Jen

Vicky and Jen are two moms who met when taking their children to weekly storytime.  Casual conversations grew into a friendship as they realized they had more in common than the local library.  Vicky has a gifted passion for learning and teaching, working for many years in the education field.  Jen’s passion for water led her around the world as a SCUBA instructor and trip leader.  Seemingly very different, once becoming moms, both Vicky and Jen dedicated themselves to enjoying family life and are determined to keep life simple.  What Really Matters, their popular podcast, was launched as an effort to share the information, networking and knowledge of experts with others, making every day matter!

What Really Matters to Vicky

Belly Laughs, Aidan’s Office Supplies, Messy Legos, The Library, Anything Chocolate, Anything Coffee, Dog Kisses, Fall Leaves, Doug’s Music, PJ Days, Organizing Stuff, City Noises, Camera Flashes, Curly Hair, Scrapbooks, Playdates, Antiques, Aidan’s Yapper Snappers, Family Movies, Recipes, Cooking and pretty much anything food related

Vicky loves nothing more than being the mother of two beautiful children, and wife of 21 years to her high school sweetheart, Doug. Working with children and adults in the field of Early Care and Education for as long as she can remember, Vicky has a gifted passion for learning and teaching. She was born and raised in Greater Cincinnati and graduated with a BA in Elementary Education from N.K.U. She worked at 4C for Children as an advocate and resource for high-quality early childhood education for 12 years. Experience at 4C has given her the opportunity to coach family child care providers, present workshops, assist parents in seeking quality child care and more. The past 13 years, she has been fortunate enough to stay at home with her family and continue to provide consulting to others. Vicky founded Curly-Haired Productions in 2006 to continue her pursuit in assisting others in keeping life and family simple.

What Really Matters to Jen

Morning Hugs, The Ocean, Quiet Time, Renovating, Warm and Sunny Days, Just Because Hugs, All Day Jammy Days, Tickle Time, Renovating Again, Shell Hunting, Organization and Disorganization, Little Girl Giggles, Movies, The Zoo, Goodnight Hugs.

Jen is married to Jeff and a very proud mom of two beautiful girls, Jasmine and Jade. She was born and raised in Cincinnati, graduating from the University of Kentucky with a BA in Graphic Design. Her passion for water led her around the world as a SCUBA Instructor and trip leader.  Her expertise led to becoming “Diver Jen”, the diver who helped develop exhibits and place animals at the soon to open Newport Aquarium.  Once open, Jen was the Dive Coordinator, developing the Volunteer Diver Program and coordinating press engagements in the tanks. After some years off raising the girls, she is excited to begin travels again with her now SCUBA certified daughters.  She coaches springboard diving at her local high school and mostly enjoys spending time with Jeff on the sidelines of the soccer field, basketball courts and pool.